Single Cell Hardware

Single Cell Hardware

A Fuel Cell Hardware Assembly consists of a pair of Poco Graphite Blocks with a precision, machined flow-pattern (pattern is serpentine unless otherwise specified by the customer), and a pair of gold plated connectors fastened with aluminum end plates. Gas inputs and outputs are through Swagelok fittings. A thermocouple well and two cartridge heaters are also provided. A single Anode Reference Electrode may be added for an additional cost. The FCT Cell Hardware does not include a Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA).

Pricing may fluctuate due to the rising cost of gold, please contact us for the current prices.

To order gold current collectors by themselves, please contact us.

Outside North American sales will incur an additional fee of up to 10% for Handling fees.

Types of Cell Hardware

Available Options

  • PEM
  • Acid
  • Reference Electrode
  • DMFC
  • Various Flow patterns
  • Expedited Order

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