About Us

Fuel Cell Technologies (FCT), based in Albuquerque, NM, incorporated in 1993, making it one of the most experienced companies in the fuel cell industry as a supplier of custom designed testing hardware and software. Prior to the introduction of Fuel Cell Technologies, the founder of the company, Chuck Derouin and Software Engineer, Don McMurry, each worked for over 15 years in the Los Alamos National Laboratory Fuel Cell Core Research Program. The scientists, engineers, and technicians in this development group were the original pioneers of modern-day, fuel cell technology. The knowledge and expertise that Chuck and Don gained from years of exposure to a wide range of fuel cell applications is one of the greatest strengths of FCT for providing unmatched technology, design, customer service, and support.

FCT provides state-of-the-art, LabVIEW-based fuel cell test systems, cell hardware and uniquely designed humidity bottles and humidification systems (Note: the FCT humidity bottle utilizes Nafion tubing that provides near dew-point humidification at any flow rate). The FCT testing station incorporates a myriad of advanced features including AC Impedance to quickly and accurately measure real and imaginary components of cell resistance. The FCT cell hardware is considered as the standard that all others strive to achieve.


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