Humidity Bottles

Humidity Bottles

Humidity bottles are made from type 316 stainless steel. Swagelok fittings for gas inputs and outputs are welded into the bottle. Nafion tubing is coiled in the bottle to provide dew-point humidity level for the gas passing through the tubing. The bottle is insulated and heated using a silicone rubber flex-pad.

NOTE: Dew Point drops with increasing flows, especially at higher flows

Test conditions: The humidity bottle controller was set to 80 deg C and allowed to stabilize at “Gas Inlet” conditions. After stabilization the “Outlet DP deg C of the humidity bottle was measured. Test was administered using 1 m of nafion tubing.

* When ordering humidity bottles, please refer to the graph above to indicate how many 1 m lengths of nafion is needed for desired dew point.

Outside North American sales will incur an additional fee of up to 10% for Handling fees.

Low-Flow Humidity Bottle Assembly includes: Flex Heater, Insulation, Thermocouple (type T), and Sight Glass..



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